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Catfishing tonight...but where go?

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Hey guys any ideas on any good spot? I have alot of cut up blue gills...was thinking of going to mansfield dam hoping that the big blues will be bitting? I want to try my new 11 foot surf rod with a new abu 5500c3...
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there are stories of scuba divers seeing GIGANTIC cats there by the dam. but I've never been able to catch anything there.

a buddy of mine has seen 6ft long cats all over lake travis on multiple occasions. so they are there, it's just a matter of them finding your bait!
So how did you do? I tried the Easy Street Marina Friday before last. Didnt catch any Cats, chummed with range cubes and baited hooks with night crawlers, Dough and cut bluegill.  :-[ Enjoyed being there, as I was out of the elements though.

Sorry for the late report...Friday was a slow night the fishing was slow. Only one blue bout 6lbs came about 2am nice fight but that was the only fish. Left about 3am...
Ever been to Lago Vista? I have a few spots that have produced for me, at least this past summer, every time I go. Not always big ones, but I do catch fish. The biggest ones have been 25lb yellow and a 20lb channel. This will be the first winter I have fished there so only time will tell. I cought a 5lb 11oz just last monday afternoon. That post is under "bank fishing reports" HAVE A GOOD WEEK, KEEP FISHING
How about the LA drawdown?  This thing attacked my lure out there...maxed out a 25 lb scale before lifting it completely out of the water.

I see carp fishermen out there, but know nothing about catching cats.  Seems like they would be out there stuffing themselves along with everything else.
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That thing is a hog molly. I know people catch some big blues out there during the drawdown while bass fishing.
I know this is an old post, but felt i had to add a little something for the humor. I am a scuba instructor and have been diving since 2008. I have lost count of how many times i have heard the old “gigantic catfish by the dam” story. Funny thing is, its just an old legend repeated by non-divers about every lake.

It is always fun to see the excitement people get from telling the story to divers and I encourage my students to listen as if theyve never heard it before.

Personally, Ive never seen a freshwater fish bigger than about 50# (I do know they can get a little bigger), but I have come across a school of Goliath Groupers in the ocean each weighing about 500#. Now those would be a sight to see by the dam!
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You are a wise teacher. Welcome to the forum!
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Thank you! Ive been away from the fishing world for a long time, so Im anxious to get back out there.
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