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I listen to Bill Hecke’s weather report. I like this ex-Air Force meteorologist for his Texas drawl and his weather rhymes. If its gonna rain, he’ll say, “Ya’ll might get a sprankle-tankle over in Brownwood.” Or if its a cloud bank moving in he’ll forecast, “We got stratus comin’ at us!”

I thought it was windy out, but Bill said the gusts were spaced pretty far apart by his observations. I loaded the Disco yak, parsed the rush hour traffic, and dropped into a deserted lake. Before I sat down in the yak, I pulled loose a ”limb-line“ and dropped it in the trail side waste receptacle. This is a “Community Fishing Lake“ by definition, and therefore is pole and line only. Nothing nefarious going on, I think some kid must have snagged and broke off in the tree.

The wind was very light, barely blowing out of the northwest. The locusts were at full song and birds rustled in the catttails. I was casting a retread senko, sunfish were chasing it around. I got a couple of strikes from small bass, the kind of strike that folds the senko in half and buries the point back in the plastic. Then I missed one that bent my rod for a good five-count and pulled free. I didn’t let it get me down. I was slow drifting, enjoying the challenge of picking my targets and making my casts just so. I caught a couple of cutie-pies, dirt shallow.

I left the drains and the flat behind and paddled uplake into the wind. I used to wade along this shoreline five or six years ago. The access points are completely overgrown now. I got to one of my old wading spots and reminisced. I’d brought a brand new 3/8oz green pumpkin Chatterbait. I was standing hip deep in the water while I opened the package. I dropped the Chatterbait in the water. This was my very first Chatterbait. I thought it would suck to lose it before I ever even had tied it on. I felt around in the decomposing fetid muck for about ten minutes. I found it. I never caught a Chatterbait fish here. I did wind up catching some at Pflugerville on that first Chatterbait before a P-ville tub broke me off and jumped around the boat for the next hour, showing off his newest piercing.

I cast the senko right to where I’d dropped that Chatterbait, a tiny pocket bordered by waterwillow and some floating reeds. I felt the tug. I reeled down and r’ared back, going full send on the hookset. The fish surged towards the reeds, but my drag was locked down, I quickly turned her and brought her to hand, a nice C&R good’un!

The sun was setting, the wind was picking up a bit. The waxing moon was brilliant white. I caught a couple more cutie-pies and a couple more fun-fish on senko. I cast out a Texas rigged Rattlesnake and caught a fun-fish. I figured that was good and started paddling for the exit. Super relaxing evening of fishing.
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