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The weather is so nice, I just had to get out. I pinched a nerve in my neck yesterday. Putting the yak on top of the pond prowler was painful. Everytime, the dolly tire is flat, so I grabbed the air chuck and inflated it. I got a quarter mile down the road before I realized I had never ratchet strapped the yak. Luckily, I had one in the toolbox. Disaster averted.

I launched around 4:30PM, the park was deserted. I spent a little while up in the shallows, floating the senko thru the witch’s heads. The sun was out and the water pretty clear, the small rain showers we’re getting evidently not enough to murk up the C&R. I could not get a senko fish so I moved mid lake.

I cast out the salvage jackhammer. It was struck and my rod loaded up nicely. The fish jumped and I exclaimed, catching the attention of the five teens on the fishing pier. Second jump and the fish threw the jackhammer. I said, “Crap.” So much for showing out for the teens.

I kept at it with the jackhammer and I boated an LMB and two crappie. I cast out the senko and got a couple more small bass. I hung the senko on a snag and broke off. Senko hadn’t been all that great, so I tied up light TR. I used a 1/16oz lead bullet, red glass bead, 4/0 EWG and a green pumpkin Baby Brush Hog. I cast the BBH to some shoreline reeds and let it sink. I felt the strike and r’ared back, the pinched nerve pain like a hot poker stabbing my neck but I set the hook. I measured the hammer against the paddle ruler: eighteen inches, a good’un. I CPR’d and headed for the take out, Momma fryin’ chicken tonight. Off at 7PM.
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