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Looking so much better at full pool and "trout green" water clarity. I dropped the 'yak in at 5:30 pm and shoved off. First cast got a perch tap, so I was hopeful for some largemouth bites. I rounded a reed clump just as a cast net was being thrown into the water.

I advised the man that cast nets were illegal in this body of water (TPWD "Gear2" designation). He told me a game warden had told him he was O.K. to use a cast net here. I told him that game warden should be fired for not knowing the law. He told me he would give me GW's number. I reiterated that the C&R Pond is "ROD AND REEL ONLY!"

He asked if I was going to fish the bank in front of him. I told him, "I got no problem with you, but even if I was fishing on the other side of the lake, I would still have a problem with you throwing the cast net into the lake. I get it, I own a cast net, but the law is the law."

Chrismaxrocks and company dropped in so we all fished along the northern stretches. We all caught fish, I got three to the yak. Off at 7:30pm.
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