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With hurricane Pamela bearing down and some windy weather coming, I thought I’d better make a last ditch effort for the ditch pickles. I glanced at the KXAN Fake Radar and saw nothing concerning. I made the short commute and dropped in at 4pm. After half an hour, I caught a cutie-pie on a senko. Where are the fish?

I pushed up one of the drains and heard voices. Three men were perch jerkin from the creek bank. They were having a good time, a friendly competition. I overheard the count: five to four to three. At least those guys were getting bit.

I paddled out of the drain and cast the secret weapon, 3.0 paddletail. I reeled it over a stump. BAM! Fish on! A nice C&R fun fish. The wind was gusting up so I set anchor and wound the 1/4” poly through the zig-zag cleat. I caught seven more on the same paddletail. I had that sucker super glued on there, which was great, because it was the only one I brought. The seven fish were an even mix of cutie-pies and fun-fish, the biggest going over sixteen inches.

The wind was really blowing now. I was pretty close to shore and the wind was blowing precisely down the shoreline. I was able to bomb the senko and land it on a water willow. Even through a mile of bow I detected the bite and I r’ared back getting a good bend in the rod. I felt headshake and the line running against the water willow. This fish fought me all the way up the shoreline, wrapping me in bulrushes and water willow for over fifty feet. My anchor was twelve feet behind me, trying to pull it mid-battle was a foregone conclusion, so I just kept cranking as the fish splashed and wrapped. Unbelievably, I brought the fish to hand. I was stoked. Fish number ten, and its a good’un, going easily over nineteen inches when held next to the paddle rule. Off at 6:30pm
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