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Monday afternoon I began the chore of R&Ring the fuel pump on the hoopty. Not for the faint of heart, for sure, but I need my fishing truck. I pulled out the Pond Prowler, tool box and bed liner because I thought I was going to cut a hole in the bed. I watched multiple YouTube videos and perused the Ford truck forums which convinced me to do it the traditional way by removing the tank. I saved on the hanger and bought only the fuel pump ($137.99 at O’Reilly, with a ten dollar credit for an old troller motor battery.) The cheesy pump wouldn’t fit on the stock hanger at first, but after a couple of waferhead sheet metal screws, it all went back in the tank.

Wouldn’t you know, the ol’ hoopty fired up. This afternoon I loaded the disco yak onto the hoopty and made the short commute. A bank angler was just leaving my launch spot. I launched and fished WW senko along the lee shoreline. I moved to some windblown shore. I deployed the grapnel anchor and it would not hold as the wind gusted up. I cut off WW in favor of TR BBH and drifted downlake. I could’ve sworn I had a some nibbles on the BBH, and I whiffed hard to make sure. I picked up my lipless rod and bombed one about fifty yards downwind. I saw a fish swim up and take the crank right at the bow and save me from a skunk. Off at 4:30pm.
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