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Carrot Stick

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Just left Cabela's and they have the Carrot Stick fishing rods on sale for 109.00. orig price 149.00
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Also the

Eagle FishElite™ 502c DF Sonar/GPS for $399.99
Lowrance LMS 525C Depth Finder Sonar/GPS  $599.88
Lowrance LMS-527C Depth Finder with Internal GPS $599.88

I still prefer getting the new HD Lowrance, if I can ever afford hit. LOL
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Went to Cabella's yesterday. They have no carrot sticks for $109.00

A friend of mine who works there said they never did have. Maybe he just missed it too. I wanted to get my son one for his birthday coming up on the sixth.

Just thought I'd let everyone know.

I ended up getting him one of the GOLD series. Really nice.
I'm still trying to figure out what a Texas Tech boy is doing fishing with a burnt orange rod...:)

Tell the truth, Shakey...your pretty wife negotiated that deal with some young buck at the counter, right? :)
Hey, Allan! How's that beautiful Ranger sailing?

Have any of y'all had experience with Carrot Sticks breaking? There's lots of bad press about those poles over on the Texas Fishing Forum. Seems they pop as often as Kistlers, if not more so.

I've never owned one, but I've had several Kistlers break on me. I still fish with a few Kistlers but mostly I stick with Falcons or rods I've assembled myself from All-Star and Loomis blanks.
I have owned mine for about six months with no problems.

It's a 7'2" crankin stik. I've caught some pretty big fish on it (5-6lbs) and no problems but I've never broke a rod in my life on a crankbait so maybe that's not a very good indicator.

I know that I can throw a series 5 about a quarter mile with the thing and that's what I like about it.

When you get a rod that light, and that sensitive I guess they will break. Its the price you pay for sensitivity so a good warranty is my #1 concern.

I've owned 6 Kistler LTA's and I broke them all. Well, I still have an LTAII spinning rod that is awesome. The LTA's were nice too.

With that said I broke one of my Carrot Stix yesterday. Snapped about 10 inches above the cork handle. Good thing about the Carrot Sitx though is that I can return it, as it has a lifetime warranty. With the Kistler's I was **** out of luck. I'll let y'all know how the return goes. I'm going to try taking it back to Cabelas first.
Took the rod back to Cabelas and easy peezy. They exchanged it right over the counter, no fuss. Also, while I was there I grabbed another Carrot Stix and when they rang it up it was $109. Tag said $149 but I guess they are marked down in the system.
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