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Fished the dead sea from 6:30 till dark last night. Now I remember why I fish Dunlap and McQueeney this time of year.

Water temp was 89.7 on the main lake, and was close to crystal clear. Figured the new water coming in from the floods would have helped the fishing, but it didnt.

Started out fishing main lake points with brushpiles, and missed a couple early on a football jig. Hit a couple hotspots with a dropshot that landed us a 2 lb smallmouth, and one fish missed. Hauled a$$ up the lake right at dark for some topwater action, and had five blowups with ZERO hookups. I have always said that the fish in Canyon need an eye exam. Somehow they can blast a lure with three treble hooks, and never get a hook in them. Freaking baffles me.

Fished a few minutes after dark, missed another on a jig, and caught a 12 inch smallmouth on a football jig.

Not much to report, but I won't make another trip to Canyon unless its at night. Always have better luck night fishing Canyon this time of year.
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