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Decided to hit Canyon Sunday morning for a little action. Got out there at 7:30, and fished till 11am.

The water temp was LOW 50's, and the fishing was not too bad. Had a decent limit (approx 10-11 lbs) by 9am.

All fish were caught in 12-22 ft. Caught 3 keepers early on a 1/2 oz finesse jig, could not get them to hit the full size football jig. The wind shifted out of the North around 8:30 and made it a little tough to stay on my spot. So I tied on a DD-22, and they were smashing it. Caught three keepers fast and missed two, -- they were hammering it. Should have thrown it longer, but the rain rolled in and I was out like trout.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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