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Canyon Lake - Butt Kickin'

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We fished Canyon on Monday 1/18. It was foggy and about 53. Water temp was 51-53. The sun didn't come out until afternoon. It was TOUGH! We fished hard mostly finesse stuff and the water was gin-clear in the lower lake. One stinking fish all day about 2lbs on a shaky head.
Now I remember why I hadn't fished there in 2 years.  Too many other lakes to fish to waste my time there. Sure was some good looking deep water with wood. 40 FOW with trees.

We launched at Potter's Creek. Lots of other ramps were still closed.
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Canyon is a tough lake during the winter. The only luck I have had lately is on football jigs and susp. jerkbaits.

Those trees you saw in 40 ft, will hold fish this time of year. The fish normally suspend near the tops of the trees, and can be caught on a jerkbait. Caught a 4 lber, and a handful of others the trip before last doing this.

Come back in late Feb// early March for the smallmouth spawn, and you might change your mind about Canyon. It will be the best time of year on Canyon
I think canyon is similar to our deep/clear New Mexico lakes, better fishing in May/June for Stripers. Put all the variables in your favor.
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