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Went out on Sat morning with a buddy to hit up Canyon. Got on the water a little late (about 8 am), and headed up lake for the first time this year. Started out throwing topwater, crankbait, and a jerk bait with ZERO bites.

Headed back down to mid lake around 9:30 and hit a couple secondary points and drains, and it was ON. Fished one point and the drain beside it with a football jig and a dropshot and caught 10 , 7 of which were smallmouth.

Hit a couple spots after that (down-lake) and caught a bunch of dinks back in the backs of coves, primarily on dropshot and a shakeyhead. Ended the day around 1:30, and had easily caught 35-40 fish. We probably had 6 keepers all day, but it was a great trip regardless.

If you want to take out a young angler and have some fun, head to Canyon . Fishing is the best it's been in a long time. If we had made and all day trip, I feel confident we could have caught close to a hundred fish. Nothing to break the record books with, but certainly a good time and a lot of fun
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