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Day 1 Report

Launch: Canyon Lake Marinca
Time Fished: 8AM-2PM
Weather: 43-56 degrees, winds at 5-10MPH
H2O: LOW, 3' visibility

Caught 1 while waiting for the rain to stop from the bank on a TX-rig V&M 9" Super Ringer.

First Canyon Lake fish

It started slow after that, and started raining harder while we were on the water. When the rain stopped, the LMB's started schooling big time. Caught tons on a Rat' L Trap. Eventually, they started getting picky. They schooled more then before, but would not hit a Rat L Trap. Forgot the Flukes at the condo.

I ended up with 25+, my Dad had 15. It was awesome. We each had a small limit too.

Dad's nicer fish

We still have till Saturday to fish, plenty more reports to come.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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