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Canyon 2-19

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Fish were very active today. I ended up with about 10 fish 5 good keepers. Here are a pic of the best 2.
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Where exactly is Canyon? I'm new to the area. ??? ::) Nice fish, by the way.
Derek, it's near New Braunsfels. Fished it over summer once, and didn't catch a thing. But then again, we rented a boat so my sisters could ski, and we could relax. Not too much fishing.

My friend that never fishes managed to snag a baby striper in the head with a crank. ::) Now that I know how to drop shot, and since I've gotten a lot better, I think I need to go give that place another try. 8)
Yep its close to New Braunfels. Drop shot is the key out there.
thats a nice fish for Canyon. Did you fish the main lake or up river?
Ninja, in my humble opinion Canyon is one of the worst black bass lakes around central TX. ATX just had a tourney there 10lbs for first 8lbs for 2nd 5 lbs for 3rd and I think something like just over 1 lb for 6th. Even the locals will tell you it is not a great lake for blacks. Now I have heard that in the spring you can catch some nice small mouths. Looks like the Firemedicfisher figured them out though.
Yea..I live in New Braunfels and fish Canyon sometimes. Not a very good lake for size, thats for sure but its pretty good for numbers. Not uncommon to catch 50+ fish in a day with a mixed bag of lmb, guad's and small mouth.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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