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I think its a great idea, but one that is going to get little traction. Everytime I talk to my kayaker aquaintances on the lake they are usually fishing a tournament or derby, either a trail or a last minute deal. I’ve made them aware of my reports, but I don’t think they look at them that often.

From what I hear on the lake, I’m guessing most of the views are coming from people who occasionally fish, usually with family or friends and not competitively. The rest of the views are people outside of the Austin area. I’m sure some views are bots.

My watercraft and tackle are not set up for competitive fishing. I don’t own a net or a Hawg Trough and I’m not going to buy them, either. I like watching the Bassmaster tourneys on FS1, but I also watch American Flat Track and I’m not buying a motorcycle anytime in the near or distant future.

Honestly, I give up on this board about once a year, and then I’ll meet someone on the water who tells me how much they enjoy reading my posts. I like to write a story. Most people recognize it for what it is: a story. My reports are not “fishing reports” but rather a “tall tale” with some “humble brag” mixed in.

I fully agree with Longhorn about the disinclination of most tournament anglers to provide any information that may give away their competitive edge. I feel sorry for the pros that have to have a cameraman in the boat with them all day. Years ago I met an angler at Pflugerville that blasted me for writing about that lake. He insisted that fisherman should keep their cards close to their chest and keep the locations of their fishing spots a secret they take to the grave.
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