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C&R Pond 5/9/23

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I rarely fish in the evening, but these long late spring evenings are to be taken advantage of for sure. I grilled up some hamburgers for the family and then excused myself to the lake. A huge thunderhead towered over the lake and outflow breezes gusted as I loaded the disco yak into the truck. I did not look at the Fake Radar, if lightning struck nearby I would go to the house.

When I arrived at the park at 6:30PM the wind went stock still. The parking lot was nearly full, a lot of people enjoying the park. As I approached the bank, a pre-teen was casting a Texas rigged worm that snagged deep in the bulrush. I asked if he wanted me to free it up from the yak, but he said he was going to break it off. Then his mother came over, took the rod from his hands and skillfully shook the lure free.

I shoved off and turned left to give the bank anglers room. I cast out senko and caught a fish, however, the dreaded first cast fish jinx did not manifest. I caught nine more senko fish. I changed to Texas rig Zoom finesse worm and caught six more for a total of fifteen, all little but very plump. Off at 8:30PM.
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