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Weekend anglers still find a way to wet a line midweek. It’s been awhile since I‘d used the ‘yak, so I threw it in the truck and headed to the neighborhood park across the county road. The park was deserted. The water level was low but looked good. I launched without issue around 5 pm.

I fished the shallow end of the conservation reservoir, but nothing was stirring. I moved over to some shady shoreline and I caught a cutie-pie. Hey, they’re bitin’.

I drifted down wind and caught another cutie-pie. I let him go and cast back out. I was working the wacky senko back to the yak when I got slammed short-line. I saw a flash of silver as my line went under the yak. I thought I had a big channel cat, but then her nose came up. I was stoked to get this one, a very dense, silvery, healthy fish.

I drifted further, catching a fun-fish and another cutie-pie. I tossed the senko as tight to the reeds as I dared and BAM, fish on! A swarthy, scarred hammer, barely skin-hooked, but I got her in the yak. I reflected on my good timing and paddled to the exit. Off at 6:30pm.
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