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I left work and turned an eye to the sky. Bluebird skies and a gusty NE wind, sure let’s take the yak to the Catch & Release Pond. I loaded the Disco Yak, tossed a couple of rods in the hoopty and grabbed a couple cans of bubble water.

I dropped in at 4pm, the launch made tricky by low water level and dense shoreline vegetation. I brought the same spinning set up I used yesterday at Veterans and my trusty wacky senko casting rod. I paddled into the wind and made casts to the shore. I painstakingly cast to the edge, working my way around a quarter-mile of shoreline without a fish. I’d swung a couple times, hooksets are free, but I was hauling water.

I’d already cycled thru several of my go to senko colors, but I was smelling skunk, so in desperation I wackied a gooseberry laminate senko. I cast, let it settle, BAM fish on! The bass in this pond are different from the bass I catch in other bodies of water. Once hooked these fish invariably swim directly at me at full speed. This one was hooked good and I got him in the yak. I felt much better about avoiding a skunk, even if he barely made the fun fish category.

I hoped that was a sign the fish were emerging from the reeds. The gusty wind kept blowing my casts into the weeds. I kept checking my lure for signs of algae or naiad, but the bottom is clean, the water tannic brown. I fished without another bite for the next hour.

I harkened back to my earliest days of fishing here, when I would wade up to my elbows and cast out into the middle of the flat. I turned from the reeds and paddled into the wind where I imagined the inundate channel would be. I pulled the finesse worm off of the Texas rig and threaded on a Grande Bass Rattlesnake. I anchored facing into the wind and bombed one out. I hopped it back, detected a tap, swing and a miss. I reeled in and checked the ‘Snake. I had put the hook point thru four rings to make it weedless and keep the worm straight. The new Grande Bass plastic is not as weak as the original. I rethreaded the hook point, this time thru the first ring, skip rings two and three and bury the point in the fourth. I didn’t need it to be super weedless, it seems like the moss and naiad are gone for now. Also, my spinning rig is a real fairy wand, a new 6’ Diawa Laguna with an old Shimano 2500 Sienna with stretchy ten pound Berkley Big Game monofilament line, so I need some help to get the hook set.

I bombed it back to the spot where I was nibbled. I shook the rod tip and then I was snagged, so I thought. All heck broke loose and I had a battle on my hands. Thank God, I’d just cranked the drag hammer tight right before I cast, and this fish still took line! I got her in the yak and breathed a sigh of relief. I was stoked! I measured on the paddle ruler: 21.0”!!! I got some pics and let her go, after all, its against the Peace and Dignity of the state to keep any fish out of this public Body of Water. Off at 6:30pm.
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