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Yesterday afternoon I made the short commute to the C&R. I worked my way slowly down the shoreline until I found ‘em. I got one on finesse worm and two on senko close to the reeds. I moved back up lake and got a fourth on finesse worm from under the yak.

Today, I made the haul over to the C&F around five pm. I fished two hours and nothing. I moved to a favorite shallow grass flat, anchored in the rollers, and bombed out TR senko. I hopped the senko a couple times and my rod was nearly pulled out of my hands. I swung but the fish had turned 180° and was swimming towards me. I reeled my 8.3:1 reel as fast as I could and swung again but missed. I reeled in, fixed the senko and cast towards the fish’s last known position. BAM, fish on! It was good’uns, a nice three pounder. I CPR’d and made strokes for the ramp.
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