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Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday, I drove the boat over to Lake Pfork. The race organizers always cone-off/close the parking lot on Saturday so they can prepare the course. The last three years, the organizers have let boaters drop in and take out on Saturday as long as we park out in the street. This year, the organizers piled up a mountain of pop-up and timer frames and other crap littered across the circle drive at the top of the ramp. Disappointed, I went back to the house, tossed my waders in the sedan and went to the C&F. I caught some fun fish.

This morning, I went back to the C&F. I got some bites and had a good'un jump off. Another wader was catching them. He pulled a big'un out and said, "Holy ****!". It looked to be a six pounder or better. He went to shore for pictures. He let it go and then worked that spot for good effect. I stayed until Schlotsky's opened up. My son knows I love the Ham and Cheese sandwich so that is what he got me for Father's Day.

My wife got me a nice Father's day present, a Quantum Speed Freak ($114 after rebate!) I also got $200 cash to get a rod to mount it on. I think I'll get a 7'+ MH for TR. Cowabunga!
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