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As I loaded my gear into my fishing car, I saw the flat right rear tire. When I got the wheel off, my wife informed me Discount tire was already closed for the weekend. She offered her minivan, so in went my gear and straight to the Catch & Fillet.

Third cast and I caught a two and a half. A yakker congratulated me on the fish. We talked briefly before heading in different directions. Even though the next hundred yards yielded no fish, I think got the better direction.

An hour later, I paused at a shallow (2FOW) mudflat sprinkled with sticks. It was full of fun-fish near the bank. I caught five fun-fish and missed several. I turned and fired one away from shore and got hammered by a big'un.

It was around 8pm. The wind was three out of the north. The water was murky with a foot of vis. I was throwing 1/16 oz TR Zoom Mag II. I caught five more good'uns from the same spot in the next quarter hour. Yea, buddy!
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