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On my way home from work, I stopped at Gander Mtn. They have a good Big Bites Baits selection and I wanted to buy some Cane Thumpers (at full retail by gosh.) I grabbed two colors, then noticed a sale price .99 on the BBB PDQ 5" StickTail, and I got two colors of those as well.

I got to the C&F and the wind she was a' blowin'. I thought, "Well I'm here" and waded out from the windward shore and chucked the TR watermelon/lemon PDQ5ST into the blustery breeze. I got a couple (imaginary) short strikes and decided to find a lee shore.

I found some protected water and waded back out. I made a couple casts with the TR. I noticed bait jumping, so I tied on a squarebill. I cranked the 1.0 for an hour. I cut it off and cranked a RPR05 Rippin' Rap for an hour. I got a strike on the Rapala, bent the rod, started reeling, horsed the lure loose and bye-bye fishie. Doh!

A couple of yakkers were plying the east shore, a fly-fisherman was false casting the from the rip-rap and father and boys were bobber fishing in the lee pocket. Ice-chest anglers settled on their spots. I kept moving north and out of the protected cove.

I cut off the lipless. I went back to Texas-rig. I up-sized my bullet weight to a 1/8 oz, 10mm red bead, 4/0 Game EWG and a green pumpkin Stick Tail. I threw out deep and I caught a little fish and he was a cutie-pie. I released him, turned 120° and fired one back at the shore. One hop and cutie-pie's momma slammed it!
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