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I've got a quick recap for y'all. It seems to me the better fish are hunkered down now. After months of catching good'uns on the reg, post-spawn funk has settled in. Now that the big'uns are laying low, the cutie-pies have free roam and they are absolutely kamikaze on soft plastics right now.

I got on LPf Sunday morning for a couple hours. Before sun-up, I was catching on spinnerbait and lipless. At sunrise, the wind died. I had brought out my weightless wacky rig for the first time this year, and managed five on the senko. The wind picked up and I moved deeper and got seven more between TR Ol' Monster and Rat-L-Trap. All small to smaller, so I left for breakfast.

I got over to the C&F for a couple hours last night. Yesterday evening's weather was so perfect for fishing! Pop-up storms shrouded the sun and full moon. The wind was a perfect three knots from the southeast. I was tempted to fish my same old spot (could be another seven pounder lurking) but I hiked uplake for new water.

I waded in and sank to my knees in viscous mud. Normally I wade firm bottom, but this looked fishy. From my mired position, I caught three. With great effort, I slogged one pace and caught three more. Slog another pace, three more. And so on. All small to smaller. On the hookset, these fish were flying.

I was Texas-rigging various Zoom worms (UV Speed_, Trick_, Mag II_, etc.) and a little Grande Bass.
If it was brown, they ate it. If it was green, they ate it before it hit the bottom. For something different, I tied on a Strike King squarebill and caught something different, a very mature bluegill! I like the new spot!
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