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I sometimes refer to myself as a weekend angler. In reality, I'm much closer to being a seven-day angler. After catching them good at the C&F all weekend, I went there after work yesterday. I caught a dozen or so, mostly cutie-pies but some fun-fish mixed in.

Today, the rush-hour thunderstorm had me rethinking the drive over to the C&F, so I went to the much closer C&R around seven. Second cast and I caught a pretty bluegill in the mouth on a 4/0 EWG hook! I didn't get another hit until around eight. On my last cast, I caught the oldest fish in the pond. He was blind in one eye, super skinny, positively geriatric. He tried to tail walk, but he had forgot his walker in the reeds. I released him and watched him swim away. All fish were caught on watermelon speed worm.
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