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Prefished the FOM on Friday (had around 20lbs) and the tourney on Sat. (had 19.74) and thought I'd share the pattern.

Fished red H20 shallow runners, wat. red & trophy hunter GrandeBass Mutants & Rattlesnakes, and red traps (both 1/4 and 1/2). We caught all of our fish in 1-4 ft. The moving baits were thrown in the beanie trees and we pitched the plastics around shallow docks. We hit coves that were protected (at least they were on Friday) from starting at the dam and working back to flag island. The key was to find the creeks that were protected. We found 1 big cove (dont know the name of it) and we didnt see a soul the whole day in there?

We concentrated on the mouth of the creeks/coves and worked them about 3/4 way back. We couldnt catch anything in the very backs.

Two great days of fishing on a lake that I usually struggle on. Hope I can duplicate it on Belton now!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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