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Went to Thunderbird Resort this morning at 6AM and got on the water about 8AM after waiting for the lighting and thunder to stop.  Misted on us but we put our poncho's on and decided to give it a shot.  We left the boat ramp and headed up the slough away from the main lake (only fished about 100 yards from the ramp). I finally started catching after swithching to watermelon red Zoom 6" lizard.  Caught 4 fish with the largest 2 at 3.34 lbs and 2.77 lbs.  Had a good time and got off the water at around 12:30 after my battery ran out of juice.  (looks like I'll be buying a new battery this week before Robert and I fish our tournament on Bastrop the second week of November)  We caught 7 fish total.
Here is the photo taken with Cal's cell phone of the 3.34 lber.
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