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Buchanan 2/21

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Well...  we lived to tell the tale. Fellowship Bass Club fished Lake Buchanan yesterday. I had it in my mind to start the day on the West side and did. That was crazy. The front was predicted between 11 and 1 or so I thought. The plan was to make it back to the East side before it hit. We fished from 7:15 till 8 when the front hit. I made a snap decision to get back across to the East side before it got too bad. Bad idea! It went from bad to worse in a hurry. We were in what seemed to be the perfect storm. It wasn't long before we were getting wet. Then we started getting soaked. Then we started going under or through waves that topped over 6' high. I have been boating all my life and have never seen anything like it. We decided to head for the safety of Rocky Point and got within sight of the new marina when the big motor started bogging down. I had been running it at 3 to 4 thousand rpm for over 20 minutes at about 3 mph and the waves and water blowing off the top of the waves were covering the motor at times. I think water may have got into the exhaust or something. The motor died. It would start but when I would put it in gear it would bog down and die again. We started praying. I tried the motor again, same thing. We prayed more, I have never been that scared on the water before. Then the motor started running again like nothing was wrong. We made it to safety. Thank you Jesus!!!!

Oh yeah, the fishing. It wasn't too good for my team. I caught one keeper at 2.59 lbs and my partner never got a bite. I had 3 other fish on and a couple of those were nice. I don't get how a bass can be hooked up on a spinnerbait with a trailer hook and get off, go figure. Anyways, we had a total of 12 teams at our second tournament. Several of those teams brought in some nice bass despite the front. The big bass weighed in at 7.25 lbs and the first place team had over 15 lbs with 4 fish. There were several fish over 5 lbs and several 3 and 4 lb fish brought to the scales. Most fish were caught early but some including the big bass were caught mid day. I can't wait for FOM. It should take over 25lbs to win.

p.s. Does anyone know the results of the Capital City Bass Club tournament?
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Man, Buchanan has produced some pretty good stories lately....... I have no desire to fish there....
That's amazing, we had a pretty hairy time out there a couple of weeks ago. This afternoon the lake looked like it was full of oil it was so slick. What a difference a day makes!
I had a trip like yours in Jan.  I now have a new greater respect for Buchanan.  The graph below is from a WS in South Council Creek.

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Glad to hear that you made it through OK !!

God does often help those of us to dumb to help ourselves....been there a few times myself !! ;D

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I'm glad you made it out ok, FishHead! I'm gonna share your story with some more people. One guy had an amazing storm story from Buchanan as well.

Big Buch, deserves respect. The wind is NOT your friend at Buchanan!
It looks like the wind graph above must be tucked into some trees or in a shed. The wind was sustained at over 30 mph from 8 to 9 am with gust higher than that out on main lake.

There is a front due sometime on Friday. I hope it doesn't move to Saturday morning.
I'm glad y'all are fine.  I've gotten to where I wear my life jacket most of the time especially when I'm fishing alone.
5F7C76786F1D0 said:
p.s. Does anyone know the results of the Capital City Bass Club tournament?
I think the tournament is in March.
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