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Fished Black Rock co. park on Buchanan Sunday morning. I dont know the exact water temp, but even in good neoprene waders the water was  :eek:. Caught a couple dinks early on a tiny torpedo with an ultralight, great fun. As the sun got up a little i switched to a heavier rod and started throwing texas and carolina rigged plastics. After a while it seemed as i was fishing in an empty swimming pool. Water was pretty clear but zero signs of bait or fish. Finally on my wade back i threw a brushhogg that was blasted by a chunky 3-pounder. Wasn't a great fishing trip but i saw something i'll probably never see again- Buck was compltely flat and not a boat in sight :)

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1708212222273D4E0 said:
Did you happen to notice if the ramp at Black Rock was open and usable?
Rude, Black Rock doesn't have a ramp but the adjacent Llano County Park has a brand new one. The park has not re-opened yet, they are still making final renovations, but when it does the new ramp will be usable down to a lake level of 1000 ft. At tomorrow's LBCC meeting I will try to find out when the park is scheduled to re-open.

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At this moment, on Lake Buchanan...these ramps I know are open.

Burnet County Ramp (White Bluff Park), East side of lake is open and NO CHARGE to launch. •Located off FM 2341 on the east side of the lake about mid-lake.
•Two-lane concrete ramp, usually open during periods of low water. Launch area is susceptible to a northwest wind; watch the weather

Edgewater RV Resort, launch off bank.
Angie McCasland
The Edgewater on Lake Buchanan
P.O. Box 961
224 S. Winding Way
Buchanan Dam, TX 78609

Also, Big Chief RV Park...They might charge a launch fee, off their concrete ramp..?? Formerly Buchanan Dam Ramp, •Located at the east side of Buchanan Dam. From Burnet, take Texas 29 to Highway 690...

Paradise Point Ramp near Tow, Texas..




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