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BSCBC Spring Open Tournament - Results

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Thank You to the 23 teams that participated

1stMagnelia/Fisher5 fish19.87BB 4.96
2ndStagner/Ross5 fish15.30BB 3.69
3rdMartin/Orender5 fish13.42BB 5.62
4thCantwell/Cantwell5 fish13.06BB 3.96
5thFerdinando/Vaughn5 fish11.84
6thGuzman/Reyna5 fish10.66
7thRoberts/Cox5 fish10.49
8thBentura/Salinas5 fish10.44
9thRead/Smith5 fish10.14
10thLopez/Howard5 fish9.31
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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