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BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Austin

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Big Sandy Creek Fall Open
Open Bass Tournament
Lake Austin
September 27, 2008
6a - 3p
Weigh-in at City Park
2 Man Team (5 fish limit)
$100 Team Entry Fee


Payback based on 100 teams

Pickup your entry forms from Academy, Sportsman's Warehouse, and FishFinders Marine. Entry forms will be available at these locations by Monday (hopefully sooner). Entry forms can be downloaded from our website

Entry forms may be mailed or dropped off at Sportsman's Warehouse and FishFinders Marine.

The weigh-in will be held at City Park, but the gates may not be open at tournament start time, so plan your launch location accordingly.

This is not the Big Bass Roundup tournament that we usually hold in November. We will be announcing that tournament in the near future.
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Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

Sounds like a good time...finally an open on good ole Austin ;D

Might want to update the payouts.
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

Those are the correct payouts. We wanted to do something a little different. If we receive 100 teams, we'll payout 7 places at $1000.00 per place. Of course, if we don't receive 100 teams, we'll have to adjust the payout.
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

Cool, sounds like an interesting idea.

Hopefully everyone that shows up to our Wed Night Blowout the Wed before will also fish this tournament, good luck guys!
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

Any big bass payout?
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

No big bass payout
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

I can't imagine 100 boats taking off on lake austin. APD was having a cow with our 25 boats on wed night. Might have to find a backseat for this one!  8)
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

100 boats does sound like alot on LA, but I've seen it happen. In 2003, we had 212 individual entries in our Bass Roundup. If 2 entries shared a boat, that's 106 boats.
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

I also forgot to mention, that we will have someone at 360 and Quinlan accepting last minute entries between 5a-6a on the morning of the tournament.
Re: BSCBC Fall Open Tournament - Sept 27 - Lake Au

Nice, I'll plan on making this one. I like the payout structure too. Gives everyone a chance to cash a nice check, not just the "regulars".
Figured I would reply to this, before Im deleted again! Registered for this tourny today, and really looking forward to it.


Looks like they have been releasing water between 8am and midnight!

Pardner should be here in about twenty minutes, ready for BSCBC open, Good Luck to all those who play today.
I would like to look at the results myself. I've checked this thread several times as well. :-?
Well we fished the tourny, started out boating a 5 1/2 lber, on about the fourth cast of the morning. That turned out to be the highlight of the day, it turned into a dink fest after that. We wound up weinghing in three fish for about 9lbs. The turnout for the tournament was surprisingly light. They only paid three places 1st -16lb, 2nd -12lb &
3rd- 10lb... We didn't cash but still a blast just to be on the water.
It was hard to get full results on their last open on travis.
We had 17 teams fish the tournament.  Only 8 teams showed up to weigh-in.

1st.....Dale / Duke.................(5)16.72
2nd....Stagner / Ross.............(5)12.97
3rd.....Angrick / McClanahan...(5)11.02
4th.....Yonker / Carman..........(4)10.44
5th.....Jackson / Bryant...........(4)9.43
6th.....Roberts / Miller.............(5)8.44
7th.....Wilson / Wilson.............(3)8.34
8th.....Brown / Austin..............(3)5.47
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