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decided against jones bros cuz it was 49 at 5am, and i like to wade there. hit the exxon for a taco and coffee, and over to brushy...stayed on the dock, throwing that greenish, flashy yo zuri propless topwater...had 2 nibbles in the next hour, and they felt smaller than the lure. then the sun came up. the flash off that lure was enormous. at 7:55 it got good!
so, i'm fan casting like always, and about straight out i get slammed. the way it was tugging made me think it was side-hooked with the sureset treble. that's exactly what it felt like. took awhile to finally see the fish, and i realized it was mouth-hooked; pulling like a tug-o-war contest at the company picnic! got it close to the dock and turned on the rapala scale. landed it and promised to let it go if it held still. 3.37! the biggest i've ever caught at the park!
two casts later and kinda to the right; slammed again! another good fighter at 2.11...but wait! there's more! about 15min later i cast ten feet from the bank on the right, walking the dog with that flashy YZ i love so much...slammed again! 1.97 on the scale. a thrilling half hour or so of 4 misses and 3 bigun's!
what a morning!
then the wind shifted from the north to southeast to south, and i was forced to cast into it. wasn't paying attention to my line, cuz i was trying to reach a really bigun, and BOOM! lure went flying, and i got a mess of tangles and loops that forced me to just cut the mess off. so i tied on another topwater, hoping to retrieve the YZ, but i somehow dropped it and it fell off the dock into the water! sacre dam! but the breeze pushed the YZ to the bank, where i plucked it from the goop, and the lure that fell was pushed next to the dock on the side, and i was able to rescue it as well! i figured my luck quotient was running low, so i left! but what a morning!

also, earlier, tried the larger IMA skimmer in bone, just to change things up, but it lacks the flash of the YZ. you gotta see the YZ in comparison...the green flash is the big attractor, in my opinion. pretty amazing lure!

also: wow! the site looks totally different! i like it!
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