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this may be a long shot but i will give it a try Ok i sold this rod a while bach and of corse it got broke during shipping :mad: so i had to eat the cost because i did not get the "extra" :(  :-/insurance on it I called loomis and they said to send the rod in and they will send a new on but frankly im tired of messing with shipping and crap and then resell the rod again so i want to try to sell it and someone else can get them a new rod It is a $220 rod i want to get $50 out of it so i can get some of my money back it costs $25 to ship so someone can get a brand new GLoomis for 75 bucks. just PM me if you are interested the rod is a GLoomis spinnerbait rod SRB752 6'3" 3/8-1/2oz
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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