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Breezy Stillhouse 5/19/23

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Decided to go for a short day. I knew Friday would be crowded and there were about twice as many trailers as a normal weekday. Got my usual start with first cast around 10:20. Caught one right away on the little StreakZ soft jerk bait. The bite was slow so started rotating baits and caught a couple on a 4" senko so stuck with that. The wind made it difficult to fish, gusting to 24 at times. I put the senko on a 1/16 oz weedless jig head and it worked well. Pulled the plug at 1:45. Clicked 9 including a big drum. The ramp was a zoo when I was trying to load up and I was glad I was getting out of there. Water was 79º where I fished.
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