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Breezy Stillhouse 5/11/23

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Was not going to go because of the rain/storms forecast. While having my second cup of coffee I noticed that the rain had been taken out of the forecast. Looking at the 10 day, looked like it may be my last chance to fish for a while. So decided to go and stay later than usual. Hand full of boats when I was launching but a couple were leaving. Maybe only had a half day to fish or maybe the fishing wasn’t good. First cast at 12:20 and after a while I thought maybe the fishing isn’t so good. I am not versatile. I don’t have a single hard bait in my boat. Sometime I’m doing a post of what I used to carry and what I carry now. Had my same 2.8, StreakZ, drop shot, and Phish Stick on the deck. It was breezy when I got there so started with the 2.8 because it was all I could really work. No bites for a long time. Went across the lake to discover several boats where I wanted to fish. Did not really surprise me. On the windy days Stillhouse fishes small. I knew wherever I fished it would be used water. They didn’t want anything I had on the deck so pulled out a wacky senko. Caught one in a little while, then another. That’s all I needed to keep that in my hand the rest of the day. The wacky senko used to be one of my main baits in the spring. My style of fishing has changed and now I prefer to fish faster and cover more water. The senko slowed me down but as it turned out it was a good thing. Had seven by lunch at 1:40. Many of the fish were spawned out and assume they were guarders. Had some great quality also. The bite continued the rest of the afternoon. I felt like I was “in the zone”. Especially fishing used water. Clicked 21 by last cast at 5:45. Water was 76º. Wind gusted to 24. Don’t catch many smallies on Stillhouse but when I do it’s usually a good one.
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