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I have a boat cover for my Triton. Why sell it, you ask? Well, when I need to go anywhere, I have another cover that came with the boat (mfg). I only got the other cover as I thought I would need it.

Problem: I never use it. Okay, not true.. I used it 2-3 times.. heh

It is black, I think it says Triton on it, but it has a cover for the engine and is very nice and durable.

It fits my 18'6" bass boat (dual console). I am assuming it will fit a lot of bass boats.

I think I paid 400 to 600 for it, maybe more.. it was added into the cost of the boat.

I will sell it for $350, firm.

Why $350? lol

I want to get a camper shell for my truck that I know I will use.

So, my loss, your gain.

Going to wait a day or so to list it on craigslist.

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