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Yesterday, I tried cutie-pie corner but I was overmatched by the wind. I was attempting to duplicate last week's success by swimming a finesse worm through the witch heads. I used 1/8 oz bullet and then upped it to 3/16. I constantly overran my reel. The fish were short-striking and I could not hook-up.

Today, the wind was blowing twice as hard. The lake was churned with the color of a pot of day old pinto beans. I had put my normal reel (spooled with 12# Sunline flouro) back on the pond rod. I put 1/4 oz lead bullet, 10mm black glass bead, and a 3/0 EWG Gamakatsu thin wire hook. I threaded on a Zoom Mag II Black Sapphire ribbontail worm (thanks Todd!)

I waded out and cast hard into the wind. I still bird-nested occasionally but otherwise I liked the conditions. The fish were short striking again. I could not fan-cast. The only way I could keep contact with my worm was by throwing directly into the coastal honk. I was heaving hooksets at anything that felt like a fish, you know, "Hooksets are free."

After a couple hundred casts, I got a tap. I reeled down and reared back and got a decent hookset. The fish was a good fighter, strong for his size. I CPR'd and headed downwind to the car.
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