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Big Sandy Creek Summer Open
Open Bass Tournament
Lake Travis
June 13, 2009
6:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Weigh-in at Jones Brother Park
2 Man Team (5 Fish Limit)
$100 Team Entry Fee
1st Place $ 1,000
2nd Place $ 900
3rd Place $ 900
4th Place $ 800
5th Place $ 800
6th Place $ 700
7th Place $ 700
8th Place $ 600
9th Place $ 600
10th Place $ 500
1st Big Bass $ 350 ----- 2nd Big Bass $ 200
All payouts based on 100 paid entries – 1 place paid / per 10 entries
Official Tournament Rules
1. Mailed entries must be postmarked no later than June 8, 2009. Entry forms may be made in person at Fish Finders Marine by end of business
day June 12, 2008. Last minute entries will be accepted at Jones Brother Park between 5am-6am on June 13, 2008.
2. All State, Federal, and Local laws must be obeyed, or contestants will be disqualified.
3. Fishing hours are 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sat, June 13, 2009.
4. Trailering is allowed. Contestants may launch at any ramp after 5:00 AM, but first cast will be at 6:00 AM. At least one contestant from each
team must check in by 3:00 PM . If trailering to the weigh-in site, you will check in at the weigh-in trailer. If traveling to the weigh-in site by
water, you will check in at the weigh-in trailer or at the check in boat that will be located at the no-wake buoys at Jones Brother Park. Any
checked in team not in the weigh-in line by 3:30 PM will be not be allowed to weigh in.
5. Official time will be synchronized with KVET 98.1 FM.
6. Each contestant is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver any time the boat is on plane. If equipped, the kill switch must
operate properly and must be attached to the boat operator anytime the boat is on plane.
7. Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork rinds. Only one rod may be used at a time, each cast must be completed before
another is made. Trolling with the main engine is not allowed.
8. All protests must be made in writing within 15 minutes after the scales close. All contestants are subject to a polygraph test. Failure to submit
and/or clear test will result in disqualification.
9. Contestants will abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages during tournament hours.
10. All bass weighed in become the property of Big Sandy Creek Bass Club for the purpose of live release. Contestants must fish from a boat with
an adequate livewell system. No iced or pale-gilled fish will be weighed. All bass brought to the weigh-in must be in a weigh bag with water.
Teams may use their own weigh-in bags or ours.
11. A team will consist of two contestants fishing from the same boat. A team may consist of one contestant paying the full entry.
12. Each team may weigh in only five fish, minimum length of 14 inches, measured on a flat board, mouth closed, and tail compressed. Teams
presenting a short fish at weigh-in will be deducted one pound and forfeit short fish. Only largemouth, smallmouth, quadalupe, and spotted
bass will be weighed. Dead fish will be penalized ¼ pound (4 ounces) per dead fish , penalty will apply to total weight as well as the big bass if
applicable. Culling of your 5 fish limit must be done immediately after landing the 6th keeper. In the case of a tie the money for the two places
will be pooled and split between the teams.
13. Decisions of the tournament officials are final. Any contestant that violates tournament rules may be disqualified.

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Fished this tournament to show our support for BSCBC, a couple of their guys have shown up to our weeknight tournaments and some fish them on a regular basis so we wanted to return the favor.

It was hot out there today, caught fish all day but most were 13.5 inchers; had 6 keepers and ended up with 12.75 after dead fish penalty.  

I think they had 14 teams and were going to pay 1 place and 1 Big Bass.  When we weighed in I think 17 pounds was leading with a near five pound Big Bass.  Since our big fish was 4.12 lbs and my partner and I were both going on an hour of sleep from the night before, we decided to leave before the rest of the teams came in.

I am curious though as to what the other weights were.

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Dad and I fished the tourney. Was like you said Andy, hot! Our outcome was close to yours, we caught small fish one after another all day, just couldn't get the keepers. We ended up with 2 had a 4.10 and a one almost 2. Had a great time fishing, just couldn't get the keeps. Anyways, off to the next one! Eat Sleep Fish Skeeterdale

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 weight   BB #   total
Danny Hughes 5.65 5.65
Dale Hughes

Mike Grounds 3.55 2.23 3.55
Chase Grounds

Eric Crumley
Garret Koslan

Scott Stagner
Dan Ross

Trey Groce 14.60 14.60
Gary Groce

Lynnwood Pierce 15.79 4.74 15.79
Randy Grounds

Daniel Gibson 15.70 15.70
Gary Weimer

Andy Whitehead 12.89 12.89

Brian Harms
Travis Garner

Steven Hyatt 17.36 4.46 17.36     2nd
Loyd Ward

Justin Pollei 12.04 5.60 12.04
Jody Landers

Andy Nuyen 12.75 12.75
Dan Taylor

Lynn Pierce
Dennis Whited

Jody Jackson 18.08 5.92 18.08 1st and BB
Loy White
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