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Friday night I reserved us a vehicle day pass for Decker Lake today. I was stoked. After being denied Independence Day by Covid closure, I was chomping at the bit to get on Decker.

Yesterday at Bastrop I mentioned to a yakker that I planned on fishing Decker today. He told me the Decker ramp is closed. Just to confirm, I asked a boater who was wiping down his Triton in the parking lot. The boater told me he’d been turned away that morning by the city worker and that’s why he was fishing Bastrop.

When I got home from Bastrop, I e-mailed 311 and asked them to refund the same money they refunded me when they closed Decker for Independence Day Weekend. Goodness Gracious.

When I told Todd, he asked me to choose the alternate lake. I poured over the map for an hour and decided on Belton, a lake neither of us had fished before. I recommended putting in at Leona Park, right off a main highway on the upper end of the lake. The Army Corp of Engineers has a very helpful spreadsheet of ACE boat ramps: Fort Worth District Lake Facility Closures

We launched at safe light and ran downlake. We stopped at a shallow shoreline with stick-ups. Todd boated a white on a crankbait and I boated a largie on chatterbait. I had some topwater blow-ups but nothing connected.

We ran down some more and came off plane on a small flat adjacent to a shallow cove. Todd marked a big tree with side scan. A boat was coming in from the other direction and they dropped a buoy on the tree. We laughed and told them we saw their tree on the graph. The man told us it was a crappie tree and did we mind if he fished it. We told him to have at it, we were looking for bass. He gave us directions to North Point and said that’s where he goes bassin’.

We ran down and fished the marina. We got some bites but no hook-ups. We fished the cove south of the marina. We caught six small largemouth, mostly on chatterbait. Todd caught a medium sized drum on a crankbait. We went up the backwater and we could see good fish but couldn’t get them to eat our lures. Beautiful fun lake, can’t wait to get back and perhaps try for the famous smallies.
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