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Belton: 3/29

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Got out there for the first time ever yesterday. Had a hard time choosing between georgetown, stillhouse and belton, but then finally made my decision while I was driving up there - chose belton, especially since I'd never been there before.

Got there in the afternoon, around 1:30 and stuck around 'till 7 or thereabouts. Started off throwing pointers since the wind started to blow pretty good just around the time I got on the water. Had a couple of follows from small bass and then stuck one one smallish fish. Kept on mixing jerkbaits up, hoping to find one they wanted to hit, but that never really happened.

Started throwing plastics around mainlake and secondary points and then finally had a number of consistent hits on the swimsenko. The fish weren't hitting it hard... they'd pick it up, drop it... pick it up again. Most of the fish were small, under 15". Finally, just before I was gonna pack it in, I got what I came for - kinda - a decent smallie that went 16".

All in all, I ended the day with approx 10+ fish and probably as many missed bites. Couldn't get bit if I wasn't around a point of some sort. Kept on hoping I'd find an area full of spawning smallies but that never happened!
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Sounds like a decent day out there...what was the water temp? Im thinking about headed that way saturday. Trying to decide between Belton or Travis
I don't think I ran farther than 2-3 miles from the dam and the water was a pretty even 61 in most of the areas I hit.
Thanks for the info...the lakes still about 4 ft low?
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