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Belton 3/22/08

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Had a club touney on lake belton this last saturday and my partner and I ended up 10.7 finished 3rd. 18 took 1st. We caught most of our fish on main lake points on finnes, the water seemed to be slightly staind and the tem. was around 56-59.

how do you add a pic to your report. ???
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Welcome to the site and thanks for the Belton report.  

There's a topic at the top of the misc. section with instructions on how to post a picture.  It's pinned at the top so it's easier to find.  Second one from the top.

Look forward to seeing the pics.

Tight lines,

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18 pounds took first and you had 10, what was there kicker fish? are they spawning out there yet?

there kicker was 6.3 and they said all there fish came on crankbaits and no spawning fish yet, hope this next week of warm weather will do it.
Congrats on 3rd place.

Nice fish, and I like ya'lls shirts too.
Thanks, the shirts came from Gemini sports, here is there site.
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