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Chose Belton because smallmouths like sun, so the guys on tv say. Drove to Arrowhead Point ramp to see a barricade at the entrance. Here's what the closure report says:
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Launched at the marina. Didn't really want to. First cast around 10:30. Fished my way out of the marina cove for no bites. Went to my first spot and caught a smallie right away on a 2.8 Keitech. It was slick calm. Fished a little while and didn't get bit. Picked up the Baby Z Too and got bit on my second cast. Soon another so kept that going and had 10 by 1:00 when I stopped for lunch. Last night during the night I either thought of or dreamt how good that thing was last spring so put one on this morning. 1/8 grass head. After lunch was not good. Tried a bunch of stuff. At 3:45 I ran back to a place I caught two close together in the morning. Looked at the time on the Humminbird and called last cast at 3:59. I had not caught a fish since lunch. Wind was blowing in so was throwing a wacky senko. Believe this or don't, I caught the biggest fish of the day (last photo) on that cast. I fished until 4:10. So clicked 11 on the day. One drum, two largemouth, and eight smallmouth.
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