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Went to my favorite lake today. First cast around 9:40. Started with the Longhorn Minnow and got bit right away so kept fishing it. I had only two rods on the deck, the Minnow and a 3.3" Longhorn Swimbait. I must admit I didn't make a single cast all day with the 3.3. I was getting so many fish on the Minnow I just couldn't put it down. The morning bite was awesome and I had 21 clicks by lunch at 12:20. Caught the two in the photos in the morning. The afternoon was a little slower but caught 13 more by the time I quit at 3:30. I used the grass head all day because it comes through wood better. If I feel some resistance I try to check to see if it's a tree or a fish. If it's a tree most times I can ease it through. I get fewer snags with the grass head. Late in the day I caught several fish on wood. I'm beginning to believe the Solunar Fishing Calendar more and more. It shows today to be the best fishing day for the month of November. It was one of my best for the year. I had 16 of the baits in the Bluegill Flash color and used them all. Late in the day I cut the torn nose off the dead ones and used them again. Worked just fine. The majority of my catch was smallmouth and I caught one drum. When I pulled my gaiter down for the photos I didn't know it would give me chipmunk cheeks. Water was 70º and only saw a few bass boats.
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