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Too much rain in the forecast to take the boat out. Decided to drive to Belton to check out a ramp that I'd never used so took one rod and some baits I made this weekend. The ramp is going to be ok however it is one of the very flat ones that will require using rubber boots I suppose since I am launching alone. A guide was loading up while I was there and he was using rubber boots. This past weekend I was watching some YouTube stuff about the Yum FF Sonar Minnow. Jason Cristie said it was instrumental to his winning the Classic. It was probably all marketing but I thought I should make a mold of a 3" bait with a tail similar to that. Upon surveying my molds I found one that I had completely forgotten about. It is exactly what I wanted to make. A 3" Minnow with a forked tail. I don't remember ever using this bait so I poured up some this weekend. So that was the bait I took with me. Believe it or not I caught a bass on my first cast on the ramp. A little while later I caught another, and then a third in about 15 minutes. The field test was a success. When pouring plastic in an open mold it shrinks when cooling. Notice the indentation in the top of the baits...perfect for the hook to lay down in. I'm calling this the Longhorn Minnow and hoping it will be in future fishing reports.
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