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Had to go back. Was thinking of Georgetown but Belton won. I launch by myself 99% of the time and I have a really difficult time on the flat ramps at Belton. A big Thank You to Tyler Torwick for giving me this idea. He published a great YouTube vid on how to make a launch rope/bungee cord. He is a guide on Travis and catches a ton of fish. I made one per his instructions and it worked perfectly.
How to launch a boat by yourself
For loading I took rubber boots so I could back in the usual depth and it was a lot easier. First cast a little before 9:00 and caught my first fish at 9:05. The bite was still on but slower early for me. Caught four on the first area and no good ones. It really picked up for me in late morning. Not sure if it was the fish or the area. There were bass boats everywhere and I'm sure that I was fishing used water all day. On the second stretch I know I was because I was going to start there but there was already a boat. He fished it a long time. When he left I fished the whole stretch behind him and caught 12. Went to area three and picked up six more. Had 22 by lunch at 12:20. Seemed to have slowed after lunch. Again, area or fish but I caught four more by 1:30 when I pulled the plug. Caught every fish on the 3" Longhorn Minnow in Bluegill Flash color on a 1/8 oz. grass head. Tried a 3.3 swim bait a couple of times but no bites. Water was 70º. Lake is 13.31 feet low. Pray for a flood. No fish pics today. I had two picture worthy fish on but they quick released themselves at the side of the boat. Clicked 26 with the vast majority being smallmouth. Love it when you set the hook and they fly two feet out of the water.
Fish Natural material Concrete Tail Soil
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