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The wife and I fished Bastrop this morning from 8am to noon.  Overcast and 60 degrees with low clouds when we arrived, cleared up completely by noon.  Fished the hot water near the plant for the most part - water temp was 67 when we got to it.

The bass were schooling and we saw a lot of baitfish provoking some very impressive blow-ups.  They hit on everything we threw (except frogs):  baby bass and sexy shad crankbaits, small Rapala stickbaits, baby brush hogs in pumpkinseed Carolina and TX rigged, bass assassins in silver/white with launcher.  Just a great morning overall.  Would've stayed all day but we have a BBQ to go to in a bit.  That's a tough call...BBQ or bass fishing?  Next time I vote for getting take-out BBQ and bringing it with us when we fish.

Here's a pic of a very skinny bass...another one of those with a blockhead and a tiny body.  Did someone put Slimfast in the water and not tell us?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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