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Our club had a night tournament on Bastrop starting at 8pm Saturday evening 8/28/10. (Travis Bass Club)

The weather was perfect with almost a full moon. Temperature upper 90's at 8pm with water temperature from 96 to 100.

We started at our normal spots before dark and my partner caught two keepers on a swimbait slowly being dragged through the grass.

Highlight of the trip:
I just purchased the Humminbird 1197 and we got to the lake early to cruise the entire lake to get some what familiar with the operation of the unit. We messed around with all of the different seetings and realized that around 90' to 100' left right resoloution seemed to be the best. That lake bottom is smooth as my bath tub in most locations.

The unit identified the grass lines great and we also stumbled across a ditch that ran straight out from the bank with no specific reason. We charted all around that area and could not find anything else but this ditch that ran straight out from the shoreline about twenty feet wide.
On each side of the ditch the grass was matted and continued out untill about 16' and that grass stopped growng in the bottom of the ditch but grass was on both sides.

We started fishing in the ditch after we could not catch any at our normal locations around 11:30pm and the fish were in the middle and on the very edge of the ditch.

We caught all of our keepers but 3 right in the middle of the ditch.

Total number of fish actually measured longer than 14" were 26. The longest 3 fish we caught were 19".

Our total winning weight was 36 pounds and some change for 10 fish. Second place had 13 pounds.

Lure: Grande Bass Honcho Green Pumpkin was the main ticket.

Summary: I would have never found or fished that ditch without finding it with the 1197. I would have probably ended up with a very low weight.

Falcon here I come I will see the rock and house foundations for sure from now on. It will be great to know what I have been fishing on and why.

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