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We have been out of action for about a month due to blowing bearings on the trailer. Thanks Magnum for the quick turnaround.

We started by hitting our soft bait spots and picked up a few here and there. Grass has certainly grown since the last time there. I decided to bring my crankbait rod instead of a spinnerbait only because sprinnerbaits suck on this lake nowadays. We blew down one shoreline and I got a fish on the first crankbait cast. Game on. We ended up with 27 for the two of us with 18 on motions. Everywhere we went we got bit. Water temps were 73-75. All fish were good colored and fat.

The wife and I went to Lousyana to see family in Alexandria and Lake Charles. Wife won BIG money at the casino in Marksville. Me, not so much. I did get to fish her son's pond in LC and caught a few bass. Missed a good one probably 4-5lbs. We had a good time seeing grandchildren and great-grand child.

Happy New Year, folks. Let's hope this year is better than last. Our biggest fish last year was a 7.5lber on GT. There are better fish out there.
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