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I found this on Gitbit.....

Monday night tournaments are back at Lake Bastrop.

Starting April 10th, 2006.
Up to 2 fishermen per boat.
100% Payout
Check-in until 6:00pm at the North Shore boatramp of Lake Bastrop.
Fishing times 6:00pm-9:30pm.
Weigh-in at 9:30pm sharp, late arrivals will be DQ'ed.
All State and Local laws apply.

Weigh-in perameters:
5 bass 10-14"
4 bass 10-14" & 1 over 21"

2 places paid less than 10 boats
3 places paid 10+ boats

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I may make a couple...only problem is my mondays are usually full of meetings, so we will see....

Problem is 95% of the bass I catch out there are in the slot...

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A buddy and I plan too. We fished a bunch of them last year. They usually pull a pretty good amount of boats....once it starts getting hot, people start to drop out.

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I would be in but it seems lame to not be able to bring fish to the scales for weight in. If no one catches a + 21'' the winning weight will be 6 maybe 7.

I sent a email to TPWD saying why can you not get a small tourney permit to bring to bring the fish in and then release.

MOST all of us release every fish so the slot does not matter, but a tourney time to not be able to bring a 3-4-5-6.... to the dock is stupid.

Maybe if more people asked it could help.

Here is the guys response. He basically said that they are cool with it, but it is the Texas fisherman fault.

We studied this issue at Lake Fork in the late-1990's and it wasn't
accepted by the fishing public.  When the issue first came up we planned
on having a series of events and measuring tournament mortality on slot
fish.  After one event there wasn't a tournament organization willing to
hold another tournament because of negative publicity.  At that
tournament (hosted by Anglers Choice) where the slot was waived,
tournament mortality was high.  That was the end of that idea in Texas
and it wasn't TPWD that pulled the plug.  It was the anglers themselves.

Interestingly other states, such as Florida, offer waivers of slot
length limits for tournaments.  Talking with their Biologists it seems
to work well.  I guess it shows that people from state to state have
differing opinions on resource issues.  I don't see any hope of this
issue being revived here anytime soon.  It was just too controversial
the first time around.

Here's a link for you to read about some of the Lake Fork controversy.

There's a lot more on the web if you look.


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From: Eric Austin [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 1:22 PM
To: Stephan Magnelia
Subject: Question about Slot Lakes

Hello Stephan,

Do you think that there ever could be a time on a Fish Slot Lake like  
Bastrop, that small tournament fisherman could at least bring the  
fish in the slot to the dock for weight in, and immediate release?

Could TPWD could make a small program where you register ahead of  
time for a 1 day permit to do so?

Most of us never care about the slot since we never keep Black Bass.

However, in a ten boat evening tournament it is not as fun when the  
winning bag is 5.5 lbs, even though a lot of nice fish were caught.

I live in Austin so Bastrop and Fayette are the lakes I am talking  

Could this ever happen?

I am sure everyone would be willing to pay $20 for a " take the fish  
to the dock only permit "


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It is a shame. Their reasoning is not that good. Livewells have come a long way since the 90s. You would think the park guys would always be looking for ways to bring in more cash.

I know that some of the lakes used to have a band you put around your engine that said something like "contestant" and if you had that you were able to abide by what ever the rules of the contest were.
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