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I’m back to being a weekend angler. I’ve been working outside the last work week, so I opted not fish the blistering hot weekday afternoons. I decided to fish Saturday morning at Bastrop. I launched at 6:00am and started at Mid-lake Cove. The lake was steaming hot, literally. The lake is low, the grass has wilted and everywhere I went the surface water temp was 96.5°F.

I tried to position myself at the outside edge for the morning bite, in case I needed to slide this way or that for some whack-a-mole topwater action. It seems like the sun rises so fast at Bastrop, especially in the summer. The sun gets over the trees in the blink of an eye, the surface activity occuring in a razor thin window. Sure enough, dawn broke and there were scattered busts through the cove. I made a dozen casts with a topwater plug for naught. The fish sounded.

I moved up shallow and caught a senko fish from 5 FOW. I went on my milk run and the fish were not biting. I moved over to the mainlake. Maybe seven or eight boats were spot-locked offshore and another dozen were running the shoreline. I caught a couple on drop-shot. I didn’t see any schooling. I decided to call it and head in around 10:00am.

Sundays are for Lady Bird. I launched from Holiday Inn at 5:30am. I trolled up to the Ann Richards Bridge. One other angler in a kayak was up near First Street. Nice quiet morning. The water temperature was 79°F, an amazing 17° cooler than Bastrop! I caught a couple on top as the sun came up. I switched to drop-shot and got a couple more.

I went up one bridge to First Street. Another yakker arrived. I cast out TR 10” Mondo worm and got a fun fish. The yakker complimented me on the TR fish. Then he told me to check my six. I turned my head and saw a two-woman scull was bearing down on me, twenty feet away and closing fast. I shouted, “COLLISION!”

As they passed inches from my stern, the rower told me, “You didn’t have to do that. We saw you.”

I think their coach heard me mutter, “What a *****.”

I went uplake as far as the SRV statue at Auditorium Shores, but I wasn’t feeling it so I went back to First Street. I got a couple out of the fanwort with the TR swim worm. Surprisingly, I never got a senko fish. Off at 11:00am.
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