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DATE/TIME: Friday Feb 6, 800am to 3:45pm
WEATHER: Temp mid 50s to 70s, Winds SE 20-30, Partly Cloudy
WATER TEMP: From 59 to 63

Braved the winds at Bastrop yesterday and caught 11. Most fish were at the lower end of the slot, biggest around 16". Also caught a 7lb catfish on a senko. Fished mostly on or around points with grass. All fish were caught on TR senkos and rattlesnakes. Had 3 other fish get off and broke 2 others off during the hookset (time for some new line). Had a great day despite the wind. Bastrop is more forgiving than most lakes under these conditions. Glad I wasn't on Fayette! ;D

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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