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I’m heading to Bastrop in a few hours to do some testing on some new fluke color combos. The mission is to see how the bass react to the menu offered.

The starter of our fish’s meal is a fun experiment with some glow powder mixed in clear plastic that emerged as a fluke.

The main course is a set of flukes being tested that are much clearer than any factory fare, and their flake differs greatly than anything on the market currently.

For dessert, a twist on the monkey milk most know. However, mine features a hint of blue pearl sheen rather than violet…but zero flake. Very slightly opaque with a blue pearl sheen, but still translucent.
The menace style trailer I made in this color is a hit when lashed up with a shad pattern chatterbait, so my expectations are high.
Number of strikes is what I’m after, vice my standard quality hunt & grind.
I’ll be rockin’ solo in the sand colored Hobie PA. If you see a knucklehead on Bastrop in a seafoam long sleeved Magellan shirt & desert Marpat boonie… fishing out of a Hobie PA kayak with stickers down the starboard side…say howdy.
Pics of baits will supplement on subsequent post(s) as well as pending AAR.
Tight lines, ya’ll
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